Discover Rachel Lindsay's Skincare Routine

A close up picture of Rachel Lindsay Abasolo taken against a blue background with natural makeup

We asked Los Angeles, New York, and Miami-based lifestyle influencer Rachel Lindsay (@therachlindsay) to share what her life is #FoundedOn. 

“My life is largely founded on balance. I feel like I have so much going on in my life right now. Between working, being a new wife, and the fact that my family lives in a different state is hard to juggle. I think it's crucial while being so busy to also maintain my health and my wellness which is why balance is a really important part of my life.”

Rachel Lindsay Abasolo practices yoga outside on grass while wearing a blue yoga 2 piece outfit

Rachel is adored by her 860,000+ followers for being extremely down to earth and inspirational. Regardless of how busy she gets, Rachel also maintains an outstandingly healthy lifestyle especially when it comes to her skin care regimen. 

Natural beauty is really important to me because I’m always on the go and never have time to extensively research product formulas and ingredients. I want to use products that are natural and I only want to use a brand that I can trust. It’s really important to me to find brands that do all the research for me.” stated Rachel. 


Rachel Lindsay Abasolo looks over her shoulder to take a picture with Discover Found makeup wipes while wearing a blue sports bra and leggings.


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Rachel's widely known for being the season 13 Bachelorette. Not only is she a television personality, but she also is an Attorney and co-hosts her own podcast called "Bachelor Happy Hour"! Additionally she co-hosts both ESPN radio's "Game Night" and MTV's "Ghosted." 

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